Thank You Nadee (Mom)!


Nadee, I want you to know

How much you mean to me

I  also want you know

That you are my first love

And indeed, my best friend

And a good teacher, too!

Words are inadequate

To completely say,

what‘s on my mind

‘Cause you’re too valuable to me

Especially so,

your love and smile of approval

They mean so much to me

So thank you Nadee

For all that you’ve done.


Nadee, I could spend the rest of

My entire life, searching

For the right kind of words

To let you know

How much you mean to me

More especially,

understanding my feelings

And inner thoughts

Along with the encouragement

And confidence you’ve given me

For these and many more

I say, thank you Nadee!


Nadee, for being there

When I needed YOU

So, I am devoting this time to you

In order for the world to know

The kind of person you’ve been

To me, my brothers and sister

The fact that you believed in me

When no other person did

And the assurance you provided

In telling me that

I can be whatever I want to be

For this and other reasons

I want to say to you

I love you, Nadee!

Yet,  these words are inadequate

To describe my feelings for you

But thank you, anyway!

For being such a great teacher

And a devoted friend

To my brothers, sister and me.


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