Inspired while listening to a local radio show about the use of the “N” word, as well as seeing positive images during Black History month yet hearing negative lyrics in songs we experienced conflict, frustration and an overwhelming sense to “do something”.  We are using the billboard effect of t-shirts, the Internet and the contract idea to pass on information and strengthen the commitment to this movement.

As a small group of Brooklynites who grew up during the original old school era of hip hop, we remember when rap songs never used the “N” word or profanity for that matter. We remember referring to our friends as homeboy and home girl. And we were still cool. We remember the airing of “Roots” and the sting of hearing the “N” word on national television for the first time. Now we ask ourselves what happened. What happened in our community that the “N” word is tossed around freely in everyday language? When the use of it makes you cool, down, accepted.

Our community has come full circle as we extend an invitation to others to call us the “N” word as well and we answer with a smile. Our ancestors must be rocking in their graves. The “N” word is not a term of endearment. It cannot be reapropriated. We cannot redefine the “N” word or re-spell it to make it positive. Racism is so subtle, we now think that we can embrace the “N” word and take away its power. However, not enough time has passed for this concept to be effective. The word is viewed as a racial slur at large, it will continue to be so until it is put away for a generation, and then maybe it can be embraced at such time in a historical context.

Until the pain of this word no longer lingers in society for any of us, we cannot continue to use the “N” word. Every time we use the “N” word it is a slap in the face of our elders and a blatant disrespect to our ancestors. We have not only lost our minds, but we’ve lost consciousness.

The dependency of this word as a greeting, to complete sentences and start conversations is a total disregard for every movement that gave us the many freedoms we enjoy today. This site is our answer to a call to duty. We now challenge you to make a personal commitment and join us in the movement to abolish the “N” word.

Our Mission

To: bring awareness of the historically negative effects the “N” word has had in society to those who have forgotten and to those who never knew.

To: discontinue use of the “N” word in art, culture and everyday language

What you can do

Make a personal commitment to stop using the “N” word.

Download the contract. Read it. Sign it. Hang it up in a place where you can see it. Other people will see your contract and support your efforts.

Hand out Educate Cards.

Remember your elders and the sacrifices they made for you.

Expand your vocabulary and find an alternate word to use

Only purchase the radio versions of songs.

Write to the record labels requesting that they stop publishing songs using the “N” word.

Write to individual artist requesting they stop using the “N” word in their work.

Start a writing campaign at your school to both artist and record companies requesting they stop using the “N” word.

If you are a writer, hip hop artist, lyricist, songwriter, poet, screen writer, playwright clothing designer make a commitment to use the “N” word only for educational purposes.

If you are parent, teach your children about the history of the “N” word.

Use the links on this site as a resource for educating yourself.

Do not fight or argue over the “N” word. Debate & Educate.

The term Nigger is taken from the Latin word Niger or the French word Negre` both meaning black.   First documented being used in writing in 1786 but was probably in use way before then.   Nigger is a term the Slave Masters used to label his Slaves.   The word has its origins in the hate and contempt that the Slave Master had for his Slaves.   No matter how it is spelled the word has carried these emotions of hate throughout the centuries, which is why it is so painful to hear.   Every time you say it you release the spirit of hate into the world.   Please join the effort to abolish the use of the word in everyday language by passing this card on to family, friends and strangers on the bus.   Spread the word to abolish the “N” word .

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