© Siahyonkron Nyanseor

Sankan Worhwinn Nyanseor

you were created out of

a unique blue print made by God

That is the reason you are

so beautiful, different

yet, special in every respect.

Therefore, nothing should ever

come as a surprise to you

Because you are unique

and one of a kind.

The truth of the matter is

when God decided

to give you the breath of life

he added love and compassion

and other ingredients

Making you out of a blue print

that is like no other

Different in many ways

and one of a kind

in this whole wide world.

The Almighty gave you a mind

of your own to make use of

along with brain, beauty

and purpose in life

To have His mission fulfilled

through the endeavor of your own

So that humanity will achieve

what it really deserves,

unconditional love, hope

and the reason to continue.

Therefore my dear, stay focus

to complete His sacred mission

Never allow anyone

to take your eyes off the prize

Because your purpose on earth

is to complete His mission

For you were created uniquely

for this reason alone

To serve as a good example

for the rest of humanity, to follow.

© Copyright Siahyonkron Nyanseor – All Rights Reserved.


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