© By Siahyonkron Nyanseor

When we first met

I asked myself

do we belong together?

The answer came to me

when your eyes met mine

across the table

I knew then and there

that we were meant

for each other

Because you were

kind, gentle, and most of all

you were respectful to me

Even your touch

signaled to me

that you were not pretending.

From that moment on

I’ve always treasured

the day when we first met

The joy and laughter

you brought into my life

have made me to love again

You are all that a

good woman like me

has always looked for

A lover that is like

a priceless gift

that cannot be bought

Yet has a value

which is far greater

than diamond or gold.

The moment you leaned over

and your lips touched mine

that brief moment

I realized there and then

that no other kisses

but yours could mean

that much to me

Because it brought something

almost like electricity

tingling on my lips.

For that passionate moment

I could hardly breathe

My entire body was paralyzed

The trembling excitement

had me coursing

since that first day we met.

From that day on

I have not been the way

I used to be

lonely, sad and longing for love

Now, I look forward to each day

and I can’t wait to see

and be with you

So that you’ll hold me

in your arms

and your tender lips

to touch mine

and for us to whisper

to each other

kind and soothing, forever.

© Copyright Siahyonkron Nyanseor – All Rights Reserved.


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