© By Siahyonkron Nyanseor

On April 25, 1973

Stephen Banjah Toto-Gibson Jr. was born

Born to the blessed union of Mai Stryker Gibson

and Stephen Banjah Toto-Gibson Sr.

They are a family of Christian upbringing

The uncle, a Reverend

the father a Deacon,

and the Mother, a Christian lady.

But on December 18, 1995

Steve Jr. was summoned by death

who thought it had done

something good to be proud of.

Only to find out

Steve had lived a useful

and exemplary life

Therefore, death need not be proud!

For Steve is at peace with his Maker.

Death need not be proud!

For the grandson of oldman Toto

was as great as his grandfather

He had the faith of a mustard seed

along with strong conviction

that prepared him to plan ahead.

And due to the life he lived

His memories will elevate

those he left behind

To carry on where he left

the life he so cherished and loved

So, death need not be proud!

Death need not be proud!

Although you have subdue his body

Steve’s spirit and deeds

shall live on forever

Steve’s deeds are immortal

and shall last for ages.

Because he was the kind of young man

our children will emulate

So death, you need not be proud!

And as we pay tribute

to Stephen Banjah Toto-Gibson Jr.

Our tributes should be

memories of a gallant warrior

who lived a decent life

A life that gave love

to all regardless of their

age, belief or place of origin.

So fare thee well Steve

for a life well lived

As we look forward to meeting you

on those beautiful shores

Because while you were on earth

you lived the life that worth remembering

So, we wish you safe journey

Until the day we will all

unite with our Heavenly Father.

Note: A Tribute to Stephen Banjah Toto-Gibson Jr.

© Copyright Siahyonkron Nyanseor – All Rights Reserved.


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