© Siahyonkron Nyanseor

Dear son, D’Twe Jlopleh Nyanseor

You are a part of the universe

The best part so far

You are as unique as every living thing

Put here on earth by the Creator

Of the heaven and the earth

You are of infinite worth

For there’s no other quite like you

You are more than special!

A gift to the world

Your mother and me.

Son, time changes many things

And some may lose their value

But to us, you are a precious gift

A priceless commodity

That cannot be bought nor sold

One that grows priceless every year

Because the value attached to you

Is far grater than

A mountain full of diamond and gold.

So what can we say to you, D’Twe?

A son who is every parent’s dream

one that has brought us

many happy memories

Who has made us proud and not sad

So far, all we can put into words is

“Thank you,” D’Twe Jlopleh Nyanseor

We hope you understand

how much you mean to us

So keep Faith, Hope and Love alive.

© Copyright Siahyonkron Nyanseor – All Rights Reserved.


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