© By Siahyonkron Nyanseor

From the very start

The palaver was about LAND

Then came forced labor

Which ended to Fernando Po

All of which started, gradually.

Than came Open Door

Which led to close door

For the majority

Then came PROs

And Sedition Laws

Followed by Resolutions

To remain in power

For a 27-year rule

Which left us with

Bomi Holes, polluted waters

and underdevelopment

They too, started gradually.

Then there came

“Mat to the Mattress”

And unto the naked floor

Which was followed by

Constitutional Amendments

That allowed 8 years

Presidential term

Which eventually led to

The April 14 Rice Massacre

It also, started gradually.

These actions were followed by

“In the Cause of the People”

Which brought about the real struggle

It started with some resources

And ended with lesser resources

which started gradually too.

And as we were getting over

This gradualism of ours


Went from one year, to two

Two carried over to three

Three turned into four

Four became five

Five turned into six

Six into seven

Seven into eight

Eight into nine

Nine into ten years

And from two and a quarter

Million people

We became one and three quarters

Or even less

It too, was gradual.

For now, we are not so sure

Whether the present Abuja Peace Accord

Will truly end our nightmare

This time around

Perhaps, this too

Shall come to pass, gradually.

© Copyright Siahyonkron Nyanseor: All Rights Reserved.


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