By Siahyonkron Nyanseor

To know God, is to be alive

But when a man lost interest in God

He will have difficulty having faith

Because he will not know how to please God

Or comprehend the importance of knowing Him

For it is God that supplies every body’s needs

He never let you down

God is able to handle any request

All you have to do is acknowledge Him

By saying, Father, into thy hands I commit myself.

My God alone is able to supply your needs

Keep the faith no matter what happens

For faith will last the tide of times

When others fail you, God will see you through

All you need is to wait on the Lord’s time

So, seek his help and He shall strengthen you

Wait patiently by seeking first the Kingdom of God

And all things shall be added.

Believe that most things are impossible with men

But with God, nothing is impossible with Him

So, we should first be about our His business

We should love Him with all of our hearts

Because all things work through His goodness

We must therefore, love the Lord

And take up the cross to follow Him

And never for a moment leave His presence

For the Lord is our key to happiness

And in His time,

He surely will answer ALL of our prayers.

Copyright © February 2004

2004: From Siahyonkron Nyanseor’s Archive


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