© By Siahyonkron Nyanseor


If you love me

Sure it

If you’re concern about me

Tell me to my face

If you hear something bad about me

Ask me first

To hear my side of the story

But don’t come saying to me

“I support you”

After you’ve made your contributions

To what I’m supposed to have done.


If you love me

Sure it in my presence

As well as in my absence

Do not pretend to be my good friend

Only when you see other people around

If you love me

Love me all of the times

In good times

As well as in bad times.


If you hear I am in trouble

Come stand by me

Suspend your judgment until it is all over

In times like this

I need support not criticism

So, if you’ll not help me

Don’t discourage others from doing so

Stay with those that will benefit from your presence

Misery loves company

Therefore, this is one company

I rather do without.


If you hear I am sick

Come see me

Where I come from

It is a foreign practice

To send cards and flowers to friends

Who are sick or bereaved

When we hear you are sick

We go visit you

And when we hear you are bereaved

We go in person to console you

This is the Cherished Tradition I’m used to

Which we are supposed to follow

No matter where we end out.


So don’t come telling me

After my trouble is over

I am out of the hospital

Doing just fine

And after I’ve buried my loved one

For you to run into me by accident

To say with straight face

“I’ve been thinking about you”

“As well as praying for you and your family”

If you were that concern about me

You would’ve come to see me in person

To express your love and concern.


Since you did not do any of what you’re saying

All that you are saying mean nothing to me

As far as I am concern

You have failed miserably to follow

Our Most Cherished Tradition

Of being our brothers and sisters’ keeper.

Copyright©  June 11, 2006 – Siahyonkron Nyanseor –  All Rights Reserved.


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