By Siahyonkron Nyanseor

Dear Lord, we come before you

on this day you made possible,

for us to offer you our prayer of thanksgiving.

And for giving us this opportunity, to serve you.

Lord, dear you God

in whom we believe, and place my trust

for which, we have no reason to worry

about the trappings of the world.

Especially so, about what we will eat

or clothe our bodies with and put over our heads.

Because we know for a fact that if you can provide

for the ravens, who can neither sow or reap

nor have storehouse or barn,

but yet, you meet their needs each and every day

you can do the same for us.

Therefore, we have no need to worry

about my own needs.

Dear Almighty God, we pray this prayer

of thanksgiving to you

for being so good to us and our place of birth;

and in spite of  our many shortcomings

you continued to love us just the way we are.

You knew before we were born,

the trouble we had in store for you.

Yet, you went on anyway

to put us together carefully

into my mothers’ wombs,

so unique and different

from others you created.

You cared for us since;

in spite of  our shortcomings.

You did not stop there;

yet you promised to protect and guide us

throughout difficult times.

Even when we did all the wrong things

that were not pleasing to you,

you stuck to your words

by carrying us along the by-ways

and the highways of this world,

in good times as well as in bad times.

We have come to realize that it was you all along

who pointed us in the path of righteousness;

to walk past the Valley of Death and to fear no evil.

For Thy has been with us in spirit

And it was your voice all along that said to us:

“With power from me I will make my people strong.

In fact, they will go whenever they wish

wherever they wish, and wherever they go

they will be under my personal care.”

Father, we are glad to be a living testament

of your unconditional love and power.

So, we thank you for granting us peace, understanding

and most of all, for us to remain humble in our undertakings

Because we remember you saying,

“All who humble themselves before the Lord

shall be given every blessings

and shall have wonderful peace.”

With peace and love, we’ll be able to do Thy will

To stay away from complaining, argument and jealousy.

For wherever there is jealousy or selfish ambition,

there will be disorder and every kind of evil.

So give us patience to learn to get along happily

At least, to be content in most situations.

For we came naked from our mothers’ wombs,

and with nothing we shall return when we leave this earth.

So Lord, we promised each and every day

to live by your Golden Rules;

to consider others as better than us

Instead of paying back evil for evil like before;

we will do as your Son taught us to do

love our enemies as we love ourselves.

For love forgets mistakes;

it is kind and it keeps no record of wrongdoings.

Therefore, when the going gets rough

it is from you we seek help and advice;

and as usual, you instruct us to wait patiently; not to fret

and worry because it will only leads us in harm’s way

But draw from Job’s experience

and see how our plan will turn out.

It usually turns out the way you say it would

So thank you once more for your tender loving care.

From here on, we promise never to criticize anyone,

no matter how much wrong they may have caused us

We will remain faithful to what you have taught us

By continuing to love those who despise us.

For you have made us to understand

not to judge those who despise us

instead,  to obey your commandments.

Because it is only you who is fit to be the judge

So thank you Father for overlooking our faults

and for making everything impossible, possible for us.

“For everything there is a season,

and a time for every matter under heaven;

a time to weep, and a time to laugh;

a time to mourn, and a time to dance.”

Now we know and appreciate all that you’ve taught us.

Therefore, we come before you this day with joy in our hearts

to offer you this our prayer of thanksgiving

for the goodness and mercy you have shown us.

Words alone are inadequate to list all that you’ve done for us

Including the countless times you have rescued us.

So Lord, we ask that you remain our refuge!

Please don’t let us fall flat on our face again!

Save us from ourselves and enemies;

For you are the only one who is able to answer our prayers.

Rescue us from the temptations of this world

So have mercy on us our Lord and Savior;

you have brought us this far,

and have been too good to us!

For this and the many miracles

you have performed on our behalf;

we ask that you accept our prayer of thanksgiving

for all that you’ve done and continued to do for us.


Copyright © Siahyonkron Nyanseor – All Rights Reserved.

From Siahyonkron Nyanseor’s Archive


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