© By Siahyonkron Nyanseor


At one time in Liberia

Anyone who dare challenge

the unjust practices of the

Liberian authorities

was considered CRAKY

So I came to the conclusion that

to be CRAKY

was not such a bad thing to be.


Since all the people considered CRAKY

were reputable people

Individuals like

Rep. Bill Whitterspoon

Who was considered CRAKY

for refusing to contribute

to Tubman’s Birthday Funds

Didwho Twe too was CRAKY

as well as a traitor and unpatriotic

for challenging Tubman

for the Presidency of Liberia

William David Coleman and his son

were murdered for attempting

to rock the boat

Something had to be really wrong

with Councilor H. Raymond Horace

for refusing to beg Tubman

As for the Ambassador

Hon. H. Boima Fahnbulleh, Sr.

he had to be out of his mind

to have been caught with

Communist materials

As for oldman Albert Porte

he was not only CRAKY

He was both CRAKY and CRAZY

for challenging

the Liberian authorities

for violation of the

Constitutional Rights

of the Liberian masses.


Based on these CRAKY behaviors

I decided as a child growing up

in Rocktown that

if only CRAKY people

were the only people

who could speak their minds

I, too would like to be CRAKY.


So, there and then, I realized that

after all, to be CRAKY

was not so bad

Therefore, I made a promise to myself

that when I grow up

I too would be CRAKY like

Bill Whitterspoon

Rock the boat like

William David Coleman

Refuse to give up my rights

Like Billy Horace

Add to my collection of books like

H. Boima Fahnbulleh, Sr.

Become a traitor and unpatriotic

just like Didwho Twe

And go CRAZY and CRAKY like

oldman Albert Porte.


Because these individuals to me

represent Liberia’s

True Civil Rights champions

Therefore, I, too want to grow up

to be CRAKY just like them.

© Copyright – Siahyonkron Nyanseor: All Rights Reserved.


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