© By Siahyonkron Nyanseor

WE THE CITIZENS AND RESIDENTS of the Republic of Liberia

along with Pot, Tea Kettle and Frying Pan,

Do hereby proclaim on this day to honor, respect and obey the

RIGHTS and LAWS referenced in this document.

And from here on, the violation of any these RIGHTS or

LAWS shall be considered a breach.

A. One party, military government or any rule by guns;

B. To hold any office the individual must first be elected legally;

C. To occupy a position, the individual must first be interviewed

and the necessary credential substantiated;

D. Embezzling of the public funds;

E. Infringement on the rights of Liberian citizens and residents

in the exercise of free speech and written expression guaranteed under the constitution and the laws of the land;

F. Imprisoning publishers and closing down their offices for writing or reporting the news as they see it;

G. Practices of elected, appointed officials and self imposed                                                             leaders’ habit of closing schools, colleges, university and

newspaper offices;

H. Not allowing workers to engage in collective bargaining

and subsequently imprisoning their leaders;

I. Harassing and/or arresting citizens, residents or politicians

for what government officials considered “problematic;”

J. Failure to grant an accused person the due process

guaranteed under the constitution and the laws of the land;

K. Killing, raping, maiming and destructing the properties

of innocent people because they happened to be of different

ethnic groups or from different sections of the country, and

L. Refusal by people in high places in society not to pay

their fair share of taxes, are all in violation of the Constitution

and the Laws of the LAND.

AND IN ADDITION, Further violation of the above mentioned violations and the points listed below, shall constitute GROSS breach:

1. Engaging in “you too late” and ritualistic killings of human

beings to make VARQUAY or KPANKPA  in order to land a

position or to get promoted;

2. Engaging in DEDEBAH, KROKROGEE practices by accepting

cold water” to provide government services;

3. Utterance of empty praises and presentation of

resolutions to elected officials in order to appeal patriotic

or to maintain or gain special favors;

4. Using the slogan “so say one, so say all” and the

usage of the phrase “you know who am I?”;

5. Engaging in the habit of abusing your wife by beating on

her whenever you please;

6. Drinking alcohol beverages, smoking of weeds on the

the job and making the job site, a place for socializing;

7. Not taking government job serious and the “don’t care

attitude” that goes along with it;

8. Talking down to your employees or wards that stay with you —

as if they are your slaves;

9. Obtaining a driver’s license without a written or road test,


10. Driving under the influence of alcohol and illegal drugs.

BASED ON THESE VEXED ISSUES, WE WANT IT TO BE KNOWN THAT, in order to bring about a just and civil society, we shall work to  bring an end to these illegal practices.

IN THIS REGARD, Pot has pledged not to continue  his usual

habit of calling Tea Kettle BLACK, instead, he will  work on his

own faults.

Frying Pan on the other hand, swear never to serve as witness in promoting these illegal practices.

MOREOVER, Frying Pan HAS RESOLVED THAT, he will take immediate action to end these practices as well.


to the practices described herein.

Done on this 26th Day of July 1995

In the City of Ducor, Liberia, West Africa

Signed:        *Pot, Tea Kettle and Frying Pan

*Based on the adage “Pot calling Tea Kettle BLACK, Frying Pan serving as witness.”

© Copyright – Siahyonkron Nyanseor: All Rights Reserved.


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