© By Siahyonkron Nyanseor

The land called Liberia

Is God’s gift to us

Perhaps, it was called Songhay

Before it was named Liberia

But whatever the name was before

Does not matter now

What should matter is

The same love of liberty

That brought you here

Is the same love of liberty

That made me to remain here.

So, whether you were citizen

Of North America before

Should not be

A cause of concern

To you nor me

What should matter is

You came here for the

Love of liberty

And I elected to remain here

For the same love of liberty

So, it is fair to say

The love of liberty

Should unite us here.

Therefore, together

We should acknowledge

God’s gift to us

To establish a framework

Common to all of us

In resolving to live together

In harmony, tolerance and peace

To safeguard together

The rights of our people

In promoting

Our common interest

It is only then

Will the love of liberty

Truly unite us here.

Copyright © Siahyonkron Nyanseor – All Rights Reserved.


One Response to “THE LOVE OF LIBERTY”

  1. Martin Wleh Pennie Says:

    Your writings are inspiring and motivating. I am greatly impressed to encounter such a brilliant piece. One admirable line I actually picked up from this is that “it is fair to say, the Love of Liberty should unite us hear. This line in my view when paraphrase will be exactly the line in our national athem that says: In Union Strong Success Is Sure.

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