© By Siahyonkron Nyanseor

As a proud African

I would love for the name

of my country to be called

the Republic of Songhay

or by any other name

than a foreign name

a name with cultural significance

like many African countries have.


I am willing to make few compromises

regarding our national symbols

and the name LIBERIA

for the name LIBERIA

to remain like it is

because of its historical significance

in honoring our sojourned-brethren

who came to unite with us here.

Yet, I will be remised

if I did not say it embarrasses me

for the country that I love so dearly

to bear names of persons and places

where they were humiliated

and persons who treated them

like animals while in bondage.

So whenever I think of their treatment

in captivity

the first name that comes to mind

is JAMES MONROE & Company

and the name MONROVIA

the Capital of my country

that was named in honor of

the 5th President of the US

who participated in the scheme

to have our brethren deported

on account of their skin color


Needs to be changed

back to its original name — DUCOR.

Since there are many individuals

who feel the way I feel

a compromise will be in order

to change many of our National Symbols

like the motto that reads:

“The Love Of Liberty Brought Us Here”

to “The Love Of Liberty Unites Us Here”

And for the flag, our mighty Lone Star

to undergo some revisions —

To have the WHITE Lone Star

change to BLACK

so as to represent our African race

The Blue Field to be changed to GREEN

to represent the land and its wealth

The WHITE Stripes to BLACK

The RED Stripes to remain like it tis

in remembrance of

The blood our ancestors shed

in the Middle Passage

and the brutality they suffered

during slavery, colonialism

and neo-colonialism.

When these changes are made

they will complement the new realities

so eloquently stated in the 1985 PREAMBLE

that reads:

“We the People of the Republic of Liberia,

Recognizing from many experiences

during our existence that all of our People,

irrespective of their history, traditions

or ethnic background, are part of

one common body politic.”

With these words as reminder

the compromise will truly make us

to become finally, ONE NATION


© Copyright Siahyonkron Nyanseor: All Rights Reserved.


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