© By Siahyonkron Nyanseor

My man, of all the women

in this whole wide world

you could not find

another so attractive

than the one I chose to be my own

You had to do this

in order to cause me headache

You even insisted

that she is too good for me to have

Therefore, she should tell me

that you’re her godpa.

So my good friend

the hint to the wise

is a sufficient warning

Please leave my woman alone

go find your own.

I heard the things you said about me

But it doesn’t matter that much to me

Because you’re the one making fool of yourself.

Your lies will catch up with you someday soon!

So, please stop telling my woman

how much you love her and will support her

and that a wageworker like me

cannot do much for her

Therefore, she should leave me

to become your woman.

Mr. Big Shot, leave my woman alone

Go find your own!

In spite of your big show

It was brought to my attention that

when my woman told you the other day

she was pregnant with your child

you were quick to change your tune

Because you are not too sure

how your wife would handle the news

So, you begged my woman

to give me your belly

And on top of that

you attempted to bribe her

with whatever she needs

in order to cool her heart

Things like furnished apartment

bag of rice, and money to spend

Just to have her pass your trouble unto me

But Mr. Big Shot, you need to know

that I too, am a kpanna pekin

I did what I thought was right

I just got through telling your wife

about your big trouble

you tried to pass unto me.

© Copyright Siahyonkron Nyanseor: All Rights Reserved.


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