The Most Unlucky Boy

© By Siahyonkron Nyanseor

I am the most unlucky boy
To be born into this world
If it was not so
I won’t have been born.

I was born
The last second of the minute
The last minute of the hour
The last hour of the day
The last day of the week
The last week of the month
The last month of the year
The last year of the decade
The last decade of the century
And the last century of the Millennium.

We were born twins
My brother was rascal
He used to get into lots of trouble
Whenever we went to school
My brother would get into trouble
The teacher would think it was I
She would called me in front of the class
And whipped me in place of him
Of course I know, but no body knew!

Last year, I was to have gotten marry
To the most beautiful girl
Who I have courted for so many years
In this whole wide world
When the time came to marry her
My brother married her, instead of me
Of course I know, but no body knew!

Another time, my brother stole
The police arrested me
Gave me twenty-five lashes on my bare back
Of course I know, but no body knew!

Last Sunday, my brother died
Instead of burying him
I was buried alive, in place of him
Of course I know, but no body knew!

NOTE: This is not the exact version of what I recited in elementary school. This version was written by me, based on what I could remember from my elementary school days. I don’t know the name of the original author. In 1957, when I was in the 4th grade, I recited this poem as a recitation during the school’s program. For some reason, when I was in one of my creative moods on this day, December 22, 2001, the words kept repeating in my head, so I wrote them down as mush as I could.

Copyright © Siahyonkron Nyanseor – December 22, 2001 – All Rights Reserved.


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