By Siahyonkron Nyanseor


Sister Mary, who you hiding from?

That that Lappalonia coming way yonder!

But why you hiding?

She always like to embarrass me.

Embarrassing you like how, Mary?

When she see plenty people around

That’s when she want to talk that Bassa dialect to me.

But Mary, I thought you told us your Ma was civilized!

Of course, my Ma wear dress

That Lappalonia is not my Ma?

The truth of the matter is

That the woman who mind me when I was a baby.

But how come you look just like her?

Excuse me, you must be joking!

I don’t look anything like that Country Woman.

Mary, why you’re trying hard to pass?

You man, excuse me, I am not passing!


But the woman say in Bassa, you her daughter

“Or Mon Niju” in Bassa means you’re my daughter

My brother try hard ya, take your trouble somewhere else

Mary, the thing you doing to this woman

Her God will see you; let her God see me

I don’t know why you put your mouth in my business

That’s how people get in trouble

Putting your mouth where it does not belong

My sister, Cat really licked your face oh!

You should be ashamed to disown your own Ma

Where I come from

Only stupid people will do what you’re doing

And you have the nerve to say

I put my mouth in your business

You Liberian people like to copy everything from abroad

What do you mean by that!

In America, they also have black who also engage in passing

Passing to be what!

Passing to be White, Indian, having little of that blood

Other than African blood

And that’s the same thing you’re trying to do

Passing to be the person you’re not.


My  brother, you have a serious problem

You can’t mind your own business

My sister, you’re the one with the problem

Going around here pretending to become kind of Kwii

When the fact of the matter is

Those people took you from upcountry

To come stay with them here in Monrovia

And now you’re thinking Mighty High of yourself

Looking down on your own born Ma

By the way, if that family you stay with were your own parents

How come you attend Evening School

And the other children attend Morning School?

Copyright © Siahyonkron Nyanseor – All Rights Reserved.

From Siahyonkron Nyanseor’s Archive


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