It is a fact of life that most valuable things

Come in small packages

Some are so small, they become priceless

My package started as puppy love

Then it graduated in hide and seek

Which turned out to be a class act

A class act that lasted  a lifetime

For which I’m dedicating this ode –

Ode of my very first love.


It first started as a child play

Then it turned into  a strange feeling

That took hold of us

A kind of attraction that words couldn’t explain

An attraction that could not keep us apart

Which became dreams that had no end

Day by day, our madness for each other grew stronger

Finally, I was assured, it was OK to be Okayed for my O.K.


Yet, these feelings of ecstasy feelings obsessed me

For the first time, they made me to acknowledge

The unique difference between a man and a woman

Feelings, I had never encountered before now

Others refer to these feelings as, “Love at first sight”

But what started as child play

Turned into lasting memories

For which I’m dedicating this ode …

Ode to my very first love.


Words are inadequate to describe these feelings!

They are feelings you have to experience first hand

For only Adam and Eve first had this experience

As accounted for in the story of Creation

Similarly experience came upon Rebecca for Isaac

Jacob for Rachel, David for Abigail,

And David for Bathsheba

Love of historical proportion

And intense compassion.


This love of mine is small in stature

Yet, it appeared larger than life

But for unknown reason, we parted company

Yet, my wildest fantasies roamed free

With sentiments that run so deep

Projecting vivid images of my very first love

Becoming the object of my desires

Of which I  wonder, that just maybe

My fantasies and desires will become real again.


Than I’m assure that 90 years are not forever

If it is meant to be, I’ll treasure the day

We’ll meet, to rekindle lost memories

To walk down those long and winding paths

Share those sweet and tender innermost feelings

Laced with endless conversations

For which we both longed for these lost years

Comforting each other lullaby

That will rocked us to sleep

Realizing that impossibility is not a rule

For endurance love conquer time and distance.


I still remember your unspoken words

Radiant smile that warmed my heart

Like ray of sunshine on a cold raining day

Which these many years, remained in my thought

Keeps echoing in my mind

For the day we’ll meet again

Not too long in the distance future

To captivate the mystique

That once made us inseparable

For me to be Okayed with my O.K.

In renewing our love at first sight

Like Adam and Eve

Rebecca and Isaac

Jacob and Rachel

David and Abigail

David and Bathsheba

Love of historical proportion

And intense compassion

Like you and me.

Copyright © July 1971 – All Rights Reserved.


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