If there was ever a time for Liberia to change for the good of its people, the time is now.

This reminds me of the statement that reads, “the greatest literature of a people is the honest and free expression about issues and events concerning them”.  Therefore, to say one must mind his/her business is like not being alive, because “Politics is life, and not to be politically active or conscious is to neglect your life,” says Dr. Wafula Okumu.

For instance in LIBERIA, at an early age, the political culture taught us to play it safe by remaining disengage or pretending vexed issues in our society were not any of our business. As the result, we were told to “leave the people’s thing along”, meaning politics of pregnant issues. This statement should have followed with the question, “who are the people this thing belongs to?” Instead, many of us went about minding our business.

I content that it was this culture of “Mind Your Business” that led our country into the present deplorable state. This culture was such that the mere expression of concern about a social, economic or political issue was like committing a cardinal sin.  And those that had the guts to question the ills that exist in our society were dismissed as being Craky – a Liberian expression that  means –crazy.

Siahyonkron Nyanseor, Thinking about the unthinkable



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