© By Siahyonkron Nyanseor


Telling the incorruptible truth

Is like the Writer, his pen and his paper

The Artist and his brush

The Sculptor and his tools

The Poet and his words of inspiration

The Playwright and his dramatization

This is a calling that comes from a Higher Power

Which is greater than the Writer.


The Writer is destined to do the right thing

Intoxicated like the Drunk

To write and tell the truth

Which is not any fault of his

Since he is endowed with a ‘Special Calling’

To speak the incorruptible truth

That is beyond his control

To speak and write, nothing but the truth

Because, only the truth will set him free.


Therefore, the Writer is not to be blamed

And if you still cannot understand

Why he has to tell the truth

You’ll have to take it up with the person

Who sent him to write and to speak the truth

Because he is only being an obedient servant

To telling the truth as he sees it

And still, if you won’t accept the truth

You need to take it up with his Creator

For he is only the bearer of the message

That he was chosen to pass on to others.


If death could not stop his predecessors

From writing and speaking the truth

I don’t see how it is going to stop him, either

Therefore, your threats of censorship and exile

Imprisonment or even death, will not do

And if you think you will deter him

As you did to countless people before him

With your intimidation and death threats

You need to think again

Since your threats of imprisonment and death

Did not silence his predecessors

He is prepared not to be silenced too.


So, like the Writer with his pen and paper

The Artist with his canvas

The Sculptor with his tools

The Poet armed with his words of inspiration

The Playwright with the use of dramatization

The Writer is answerable only to a Higher Power

A Higher Power that endowed him

With His “Creative Spark”

To do that which He commanded him to do

Without fear, intimidation

Or even the threats of death

Will not deter him from writing and speaking the truth

Because, as a Writer, he is destined

To be obedient only to writing and speaking the truth


Copyright © November 3, 1997: All Rights Reserved.

1997: From Siahyonkron Nyanseor’s Archive


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