© By Siahyonkron Nyanseor

Greed is the most attractive commodity

That almost, all of us crave for

At one time in our lives

Yet, it is the one trait

That is capable of making the best among us

Become the worse among us.

All of us are guilty of greed’s influence

At different times in our lives

Greed comes in various forms and shades

It wears many different guises

Yet, we become the willing victims of it

Because of our need to survive

A need that is not based on hunger alone

But on our desire to satisfy our greed.

Greed is so attractive

It is capable of corrupting

The best among us

Because of our need for objects and things

All of which are not necessarily

For PEACE and TRUE happiness

Yet, greed makes us to crave for

Money and power

Lots of money and more power

Than we really need

Because it conditions us

To seek fame and recognition

Just to be loved more than others are loved.

Yes, attractive creed is capable of

Turning a good person

Into an unpleasant person

One who is not easily liked

Respected and appreciated

But if the person who suffers

From the desire to please greed

Recognizes the affect greed had on him

He can be made to understand

That all of the possessions of the world

Are not treasures

But mere obstacles

That are designed to keep one back

From acquiring true love,

Peace and Real happiness.

© Copyright – Siahyonkron Nyanseor: All Rights Reserved.


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